Which Sunscreen Should You Use?

Other than the 15 minutes of sunshine we all need for our daily requirement of vitamin D, staying out of the sun should always be the first choice for skin cancer prevention.  However, there are ways to reduce the damage your skin gets from the sun.

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Danger at the Dentist’s (and Orthodontist’s) Office: Children Exposed to Radiation

Has your child been to the orthodontist this year? Was he or she exposed to dangerous levels of radiation? More and more dentists and orthodontists are using an imaging device that delivers significantly higher doses of radiation than regular X-rays. While the machine’s promoters claim that this technology is a safe way to obtain highly detailed images of a patient’s mouth and skull, other health experts are concerned about the cumulative effects of radiation from these scans, and think they shouldn’t be used routinely.

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Is Play on the Endangered List?

Building with blocks, playing house, a game of tag…Most of us have fond childhood memories that include these and similar kinds of play. But unstructured play-the activities, games, and “make-believe” that children themselves come up with and engage in, either alone or in groups, is fast becoming extinct.

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