Examining the Safety of Natural Supplements

In their quest for health and beauty, half of all American adults take natural supplements to solve all sorts of problems. But do these products really work, and how much do Americans know about their safety? Not as well as one may think, and not nearly enough.
Ultimately, it is unwise to trust the claims that manufacturers of dietary supplements make about either the effectiveness or safety of their products. Let the buyer beware.

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How Childhood and Youth Experiences Link to Suicide

More than 30,000 Americans commit suicide every year, and rates are especially high among the young and the old. New research shows that a child who has many very negative experiences can be 30 to 50 times as likely to attempt suicide as a youth or as an adult.

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Early Puberty in Girls

Ten years ago, shocking new guidelines for pediatricians advised that girls who start to develop breasts and pubic hair at age six or seven are not necessarily “abnormal.” In fact, by age eight, 48 percent of African American girls and 15 percent of white girls are showing clear signs of puberty.

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