Lasik’s Risks Are Coming Into Sharper Focus

New York Times, June 11 2018. Dr. Diana Zuckerman is quoted on the danger of medical devices such as the lasers used in lasik surgery. She warns that patients often aren’t given clear info about complications of medical devices and the FDA isn’t requiring useful safety data.

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Opinion: Morning Exams Should Not Be So Early

Technician, May 13, 2018. The most prominent issue with very early exams is that, even if a student went to bed extremely early in preparation, odds are that they will still suffer from sluggishness and tiredness come exam time. NCHR published an article listing some of the various effects early wake-up times have on students, which include loss of focus and concentration and poor emotional health, which can horribly impair the exam performance of even the most prepared of students.

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Trump Is Promising To Lower Drug Prices, But Experts Doubt It Will Happen

BuzzFeed, May 11, 2018. “The action plan is too vague. Better negotiation of prices could mean almost anything,” Diana Zuckerman, president of the nonprofit National Center for Health Research, told BuzzFeed News. Focusing on out-of-pocket patient expenses instead of lower prices for the drugs themselves will lead to higher health insurance costs, she said.

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