Letter to the Editor: Still Working to Understand Cancer

The Washington Post, August 5, 2013. The Post article on the overdiagnosis of cancer clearly reported the need to reduce patients’ fear and confusion about “cancers” that many experts now agree are not really cancer, because they don’t spread and aren’t harmful. The major obstacle has been uncertainty about how likely these conditions are to predict cancer or change into an invasive cancer in the future.

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The REAL Threat to Women’s Health

July 30, 2013. Given the higher death rate from cosmetic surgery and the much larger number of women undergoing cosmetic surgeries and procedures, why is it that the legislators in Texas, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Dakota, and so many other states are so concerned about the safety of abortion clinics?

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FDA Panels: Too Many Conflicts or Too Little Expertise?

Pharmalive.com, June 12, 2013. Should FDA Advisory Committee members be allowed to have financial conflicts of interest regarding the approval of medical products? Diana Zuckerman discusses how financial ties to pharmaceutical companies can influence the voting and discussion on drug and medical device approvals, and how misunderstandings of statistics and the value of clinical trials can lead to the approval of dangerous products.

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