Treatments for Stress Incontinence in Women

While stress incontinence may feel embarrassing or demoralizing, remember that it is a medical condition that affects millions of women, and it can be lessened or cured without invasive surgery. Since Kegel exercises are the simplest, safest, and most effective treatment, it should be tried first, but must be done regularly. In fact, Kegel exercises alone, when performed correctly, daily, and for at least six weeks, are extremely likely to reduce symptoms. In the meantime, you can help reduce your symptoms by scheduling regular bathroom breaks, wearing an absorbent liner, or losing weight if you need to.

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Do Patients in “High-Performing Hospitals” Live Longer?

A study of the survival rates of heart attack patients treated between 1994 and 2012 suggests that patients treated better in hospitals live longer than patients who are not treated as well. The researchers looked at short-term survival but also followed the patients for 17 years.

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