What You Need to Know about Performance-Enhancing Supplements

Everyday new products are advertised, making promises that are often too good to be true. Consumers who desperately want to look and feel better are the unsuspecting guinea pigs for these untested products. Before you decide to buy nutritional supplements, it is important to gather objective information (not from the manufacturers), and to consult with your doctor or another health professional.

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Glucosamine Supplements: Good for Joints But Possibly Risky for Diabetes

Glucosamine is a popular dietary supplement used by many who suffer from joint pain. Most dietary supplements make claims that aren’t backed by scientific research, but NIH reports that daily doses of glucosamine can lower pain. As a result, the supplements are recommended by many physicians. But may these pills actually be dangerous?

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Examining the Safety of Natural Supplements

In their quest for health and beauty, half of all American adults take natural supplements to solve all sorts of problems. But do these products really work, and how much do Americans know about their safety? Not as well as one may think, and not nearly enough.
Ultimately, it is unwise to trust the claims that manufacturers of dietary supplements make about either the effectiveness or safety of their products. Let the buyer beware.

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