Letter to Secretary Perdue of USDA Concerning Antimicrobial Resistance

June 21, 2017. Without sustained and increasing action to address this public health crisis, antibiotic resistance will reverse the medical advances of the last century, returning us to a time when bacterial infections routinely killed even healthy people. Until recently, there were multiple treatment options for most bacterial infections, but this is no longer the case. Now, often, only one antibiotic works. In some cases, as with a woman who died in Nevada last September, there are no effective treatments available at all.

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Letter to Secretary Price of HHS Concerning Antimicrobial Resistance

June 21, 2017. As the threat of antibiotic resistance has grown, medical providers, food industry leaders, and government agencies have taken important steps to address the threat of antibiotic resistance in response to concerns for animal and human health, and demand from consumers.

HHS should support and help accelerate these efforts. We are very interested in hearing about the steps you intend to take and whether you can lend your support to our requested actions.

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NCHR Testimony to FDA in Preparation for the 2017 International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) Meeting

May 25, 2017. In summary, endocrine disrupting chemicals and other harmful substances are present in many cosmetics in the United States. These substances can harm the health of adults and children, and it is essential for the FDA and the ICCR to consider the growing evidence for their harm. We urge the FDA and ICCR to establish high standards for maximum levels of endocrine disruptors and require manufacturers to clearly label their presence in products.

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