NCHR’s View of the 21st Century Cures Act

December 5, 2016. Passing a complicated health bill in the rush of a lame-duck session is always problematic. Passing a 996-page bill that was negotiated behind closed doors and includes provisions that were never voted on before represents the kind of legislative sausage that the world’s greatest deliberative body should reject.

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NCHR says YES to Ariel Grace’s Law

September 26, 2016. NCHR president Dr. Diana Zuckerman explains that the NCHR believes the bill is needed because “it provides an important incentive for manufacturers to do a better job of testing the safety of their implants and other devices. The incentive would be their desire to avoid law suits by patients harmed by defective high-risk medical devices.”

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NCHR Joins Other Safety Advocates to Applaud IKEA Recall, Emphasize Need for Consumer Awareness

June 28, 2016. “This recall is critically important to protect children and prevent future injuries and deaths caused by these dangerous IKEA dressers. While we wish that this safety hazard had been addressed sooner to protect young lives, we’re pleased that this recall will stop the sale of these dressers and give consumers options for a refund or the assistance to make these products safer by anchoring them to the wall.”

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