Dating Violence: A Two Way Street, But Girls Are Hurt Most

Some people believe teenage relationships are superficial, short-lived, and insignificant. However, a growing field of research suggests that what happens in teenage relationships shape future relationships. Unfortunately teenage relationships can be violent, and both genders can commit acts of violence. As a result, preventative measures and education should be started in middle school and focus on both genders.

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Sexual Violence on Campus: What Numbers Can and Can’t Tell Us

Sexual assault on campus has become a hot-button issue. This article looks at the best data regarding sexual violence on campus, including a 2015 study and two larger, previous studies. These three studies vary somewhat in precise numbers, but all three reach the same conclusion—sexual assault exists at high rates on college campuses.

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The Cycle of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence often follows a repeating cycle within each relationship. Not every abusive relationship follows this pattern, but many survivors describe a tension building phase, an abusive incident, and a honeymoon phase.

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