Back to School Lessons: The V (Violence) Joins the Three R’s

Countless studies have shown that violence is pervasive in American “entertainment” and that children are exposed to it every day. Thirty years of research has proven that children who watch violent programs are more likely to hurt others, and to become criminals as teenagers or adults. It will take a few years to study the long-term impact of the increasingly violent and realistic computer and video games, but it is likely that they are even more dangerous, because of the interactive nature of these games.

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Does Gun Control Really Work?

More research is needed to conclude which policies are most important at preventing firearm-related deaths, but the results suggest that stricter gun-control laws may help.

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How Do You Recover From Rape?

After being sexually assaulted, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. Several studies suggest that group therapy is more effective at reducing PTSD, anxiety, and depression than individual therapy. However, group therapy may not be the best choice for everyone. Find out what other forms of therapy are available so you can decide what is right for you or a loved one.

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