About Us


The National Center for Health Research conducts, analyzes, and explains the latest research and works with patients, consumers, and opinion leaders to use that information to improve their own health and to develop better programs, policies, and services.

We conduct, analyze, and explain the latest research and help patients and family members use that information to improve their own health.  Our free helpline answers your personal questions about the pros and cons of different options to improve your health or treat serious diseases.

  • We conduct research that can save lives, improve health, and improve the quality of your life.
  • We explain research findings so that they can be used to improve the health and safety of individuals and communities nationwide
  • We work with the media to help get the word out to those who will most benefit from it.
  • We educate policy makers, policy analysts, opinion leaders, the media, and the public through briefings, hearings, meetings, and written materials
  • We share our publications and information for free with other organizations, researchers, patients, and advocates.
  • We coordinate and strategize with them, working together to inform the public, be part of the public debate on policy issues, and improve public health.
  • We disseminate information that can change or save lives, to the people who need it most.

We do not accept funding from companies that make the treatments or products that we evaluate or study.  Our staff are trained in medicine and public health so that the information we provide is always based on scientific evidence.  We don’t spend money on fancy galas or advertisements, we spend it on conducting and scrutinizing research, assisting those who need our help, and changing policies to make medical treatments, prevention strategies, and consumer products safer, more effective, and more affordable.  That’s why our small nonprofit  accomplishes so much.

Why is the National Center for Health Research Needed?

On many health issues, media coverage and lobbying tend to reflect the views of corporations and organizations whose interpretation of “the facts” is influenced by their own financial interests. The interests and needs of ordinary women, men, and children are often underrepresented by the army of “experts” touting the new policy or new miracle treatment. Individuals may find it difficult to have their voices heard. We are a strong voice to provide sound science and useful information.

Many national health organizations focus on one specific health issue or access to medical care. Our organization has a different mission – to improve the quality of medical care and public health for everyone. We focus on the programs and policies that we believe can most benefit from the research-based information that we can provide and the attention that we can generate.

We provide information that is based on facts, not ideology or financial ties to the programs or products we analyze. In addition to the scientific expertise of our highly qualified staff, we rely on the expertise of unbiased, well-respected researchers from across the country. We believe consumers should be empowered to make decisions based on the best available research evidence. We have leadership positions in Consumers United for Evidence-Based Healthcare (CUE), the Patient, Consumer, and Public Health Coalition, and the Alliance for a Stronger FDA.

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