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The National Center for Health Research is a nonprofit think tank that bridges the gaps between research, healthcare, and health policy. Our work helps improve the lives of adults and children across the country. We have the following openings:


 12-Month Fellowship Positions open at National Center for Health Research with Opportunity for Renewal or Advancement


Senior Fellow (PhD, MD, or ABD):

Terrific opportunity for someone with a doctorate or medical degree who wants to influence U.S. public health and health policies. Must live in the Washington, DC area.  Be part of the Washington policy scene by gaining hands-on experience with federal agencies and policy makers!

We are seeking candidates with expertise in quantitative research who can interpret and “translate” research findings into compelling and persuasive information for patients, consumers, and policy makers. A doctorate or ABD in epidemiology/public health, medicine, psychology, or a closely related field is required. Excellent understanding of biostatistics and oral as well as written communication skills are also required. Physicians with an MPH are especially welcome to apply.  Starting salary is $50,000-80,000/year plus benefits (depending on education, experience, and hours) for at least 30 hours/week. Must be willing to commit for 9 months, and will be eligible for promotion. Our office is a few blocks from the White House.

One Fellowship position is now open, so interested candidates should apply as soon as possible. Send a resume and cover letter explaining your goals for the Fellowship to Include your available starting date and numbers of hours per week in your cover letter. For more information about our Center, see and For more information about our policy work, see the policy and media sections of those websites. This will be a hybrid position (in-person some days every week), so consider it located in Washington, DC.




Applications for summer 2024 internships are currently being accepted. If interested, please send your resume and a cover letter describing your interests and the weeks you are available for the internship to

Summer Internships are for graduate students or recent graduates who are available at least 32 hours/wk for at least 3 months in the summer. Please note: You must be available to be located at least part-time in the DC area at the time of the internship to be considered for a position.

Through these internship opportunities, you’ll learn first-hand about the Washington policy scene and gain hands-on experience in several possible areas, including government relations/public policy development, and communicating research information and other evidence with policy makers, media, and the public. The National Center for Health Research is a non-profit think tank that makes a difference in the lives of millions of adults and children by 1) connecting with policy makers and decision makers on a national level to change public policy, 2) working closely with the national and international media to get our message out to the public, and 3) working with independent researchers from around the country to bring fair, unbiased and non-corporate-funded information to the public about timely health policy issues, such as the safety and affordability of medical products and treatments, improving public health, and so much more.

Our interns become part of our team by working on various projects such as:

  • Writing or co-authoring fact sheets, briefing materials, and letters to Congress and the Executive branch
  • Editing and co-authoring articles for our websites, reports, and journal articles
  • Attending briefings on Capitol Hill, policy panel meetings, and policy-oriented meetings with representatives from other non-profit think tanks and advocacy organizations. You can attend hearings with Members of Congress and their staff and watch as we testify at Advisory Panel meetings of the FDA, CMS, CDC, and other federal agencies. These may be in-person or virtual.
  • Creating and sharing content for our social media accounts that clearly communicates important health and mental health information to the general public
  • Researching and analyzing data, reviewing and critiquing research studies, and helping gather information for presentations and policy forums
  • Helping to gather information that is used to update our web articles and respond to helpline requests for health information
  • Reaching out to provide useful health information to college campuses, students, and other young adults

The following summer internships include stipends. If you are applying for a paid internship, specify which one in your cover letter. 

Janice Bilden Cancer Prevention internship: This intern will focus on reviewing new studies and updating our web articles to reflect the latest research on cancer prevention, including diet, exercise, and other health habits as well as avoiding dangerous exposures. This internship is limited to a graduate student or young professional with a graduate degree. Stipend is $500-750/month for 3-6 months, depending on experience and the hours available.

Jack Mitchell Health Policy internship: This intern will focus on a range of health policy issues pertaining to the safety and effectiveness of medical and consumer products. Stipend is $300-$500/month for 3-6 months, depending on experience and the hours available. Preference is given to seniors, graduates, and graduate students.

Susan Wood internship: This intern will focus on women’s health, with a focus on the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments.  Preference will be given to seniors, graduates, or graduate students.  Stipend is approximately $300-500/month for 3 months, depending on experience and the hours available.

Topics for all the internships include cancer prevention and treatment, the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments and products, women’s health, mental health, toxic exposures, and other critical health issues.

We are especially interested in at least one intern with a solid background in public health and/or biostatistics and one who excels at explaining complex information to the public. To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to

Some comments from our 2023 interns:

“As an intern at NCHR, I learned how research and coordination of different strategies are needed to make effective changes in health policy. Everything needs to be backed by evidence, or else your argument is not credible. After interning, I now know where to best find the evidence and how to explain it so anyone will understand the point we are trying to make. And I was glad to have the opportunity to transition to staff at NCHR after my internship was over.”

“During my internship at NCHR, I received extensive guidance and constructive feedback from senior staff on research and writing concerning health-related topics. This experience was more than practical training in health policy research; it also nurtured in me a strong sense of social responsibility regarding the oversight of medicines and medical devices entering the market—an invaluable lesson for all citizens.” 

“My internship exposed me to the intricate process of policy development and advocacy, which emphasized the significance of strong teamwork and well-researched arguments. I learned how to navigate various research information, analyze it effectively, and communicate findings clearly. This experience deepened my understanding of how research can drive meaningful change in the healthcare policy landscape.”

Some comments from our previous interns:

“This internship really forced me to flex muscles I hadn’t previously practiced, particularly those involved in translating scientific literature for an everyday audience. I learned how to actively engage with research journals in a way that tested my understanding, as nothing confirms learning like being able to teach it to someone else.”

“The relationships I formed with the staff and the interns are some I will cherish forever. My summer in DC allowed for personal growth that I wasn’t necessarily expecting, and I left the city feeling accomplished in my ability to flourish in my own independence and determination because of the opportunities and individuals I interacted with at NCHR.”

“My internship experience really motivated me to pursue a medical career that involves clinical medicine, journalism, and policy work.  I was intrigued by the work being done by non-profit organizations and the internship compelled me to continue health policy research once I graduate.”

“I learned a different way of consuming and communicating medical and public health research. We turned the research into material that’s accessible for the general public, and that is a type of material I haven’t been asked to write before. This helped me identify the most important and understandable parts of the research.”

“The internship experience I have had at NCHR has been invaluable. From attending congressional briefings to researching and writing articles for the website, I have learned so much about the world of health policy. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work for an organization that always puts the health of the patient first.”

“In writing tweets and articles for NCHR, as well as assisting with comments submitted to federal health agencies, I have learned to succinctly articulate health research and policy to a variety of audiences and critically assess differing perspectives on health issues.”

“By attending congressional briefings and researching current health issues, I learned how to critically and objectively analyze research regarding drugs and medical devices.”

“My experience interning at NCHR has given me an incredible foundation of knowledge and skills. It’s broadened my perspective of health policy, allowed me to understand a wide range of emerging health issues, and taught me to write concisely. I look forward to using what I’ve learned here in my future studies and work.”

“Attending congressional briefings and creating content for both our website and social media has allowed me to gain specific skills and experiences that I will be able to use throughout my entire career!”