Risks of Head Injuries on Artificial Turf Fields in Washington, D.C.

Professional athletes don’t like artificial turf for many reasons, and many parents feel the same way about artificial turf playgrounds and athletic fields.  Artificial turf is made with chemicals that can harm children and adults, the fields also are much hotter than grass, and bacteria can grow in them. Some fields are also so hard that if people fall on them they are at an increased risk of getting a head injury.

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Physical Activity, Sports, and Head Injuries

If you or a family member is involved in a contact sport like football, soccer, wrestling, or basketball, chances are you know something about concussions. But, did you know that even one concussion may have serious, short-term and long-term consequences for your brain?

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Barefoot and Minimalist Running: What You Need to Know

Barefoot and minimalist running are the new crazes in the running world, but can you really run faster, longer, and with fewer injuries by shedding your shoes? Find out the benefits and risks of barefoot running to see if it is really a good option for your workout.

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