Covid Research Press Teleconference

The National Center for Health Research, a nonprofit think tank, is starting a free series of monthly 1-hour live online press teleconferences on a range of Covid issues of importance to journalists. The series is supported by the federally funded independent nonprofit Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI).

Our first press teleconference will be on Tuesday, July 28 at noon Eastern time, and will focus on what is known and not known about the accuracy of various coronavirus tests being used in the U.S. Our featured speaker is Steven Woloshin, M.D., who published an article on that topic last month in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Woloshin is co-director of  the Center for Medicine in the Media at Dartmouth. The discussants will include Dr. Robert Kaplan, a Stanford faculty member who is former associate director of NIH, health reporter Matthew Perrone of AP, and an at-risk patient TBA who will share her perspectives as someone relying on these tests.  I will be the moderator.

Please save the date for this opportunity to learn about issues such as:

  1. What scientific evidence is required to sell or use coronavirus tests in the U.S.?
  2. How accurate are these tests?  Which are most accurate and which are least accurate?  How often do people test negative who actually are infected?
  3.  What are the implications of these testing issues for the current spread and spiking of the virus in different states, and for fully re-opening schools, stores, businesses, and sports events?
  4.  What are the questions journalists should ask when they are working on stories pertaining to Covid testing, the number of cases, community spread, spiking of cases or deaths, or policies regarding masks or social distancing?