Get Involved with the National Center for Health Research

As a nonprofit organization, we’re here for you! Together, we can help you improve your health and the health of people you care about and we can also work together on a local, state, and national level to improve the lives of everyone in our communities and our country.

We are a small nonprofit organization that does not accept any funding from pharmaceutical or device companies. Donations of any size from individuals and from companies that do not sell medical products are greatly appreciated.

Every year, we train student interns and professionals who want to support the work we do. Click here to learn more about our internship opportunities.

If you want to help change our healthcare system for the better, we’ll help you reach out to legislators to improve the cost and quality of medical care. Here are some tips for calling your elected official, and the same basic tips apply when writing, as well.

If you want to advocate for patients, either because you are a patient or want to advocate for other patients, we encourage you to get involved in the USA Patient Network.