Let Your Voice Be Heard

The National Center for Health Research (NCHR) was created because we believe that public policies will be improved if elected officials and the public have better access to accurate, unbiased information. Each of us can make a difference if we share the information we have with those who know how to use it. To let your voice be heard, write an email, make a phone call, or even visit your elected official.

To learn more about how to effectively communicate your opinion to your elected officials, click on the icons below:

Stay Informed

Be sure to stay informed on issues that matter to you by signing up to receive our monthly digest at the bottom of this page. For information regarding the status of particular legislation, go to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives at Congress.gov. If you have any questions about legislation, contact us.

Casework Assistance

Your Congressional representatives are also available to help you maneuver through certain government programs or offices. This is considered part of their job, and is offered to all constituents, not just donors or friends. If you are experiencing difficulty when dealing with federal agencies, such as filing for or receiving Social Security, veterans’ benefits, SNAP (food stamps), Medicare benefits, or dealing with immigration or naturalization services, you can contact your U.S. Representative or Senator for assistance. Often, your congressional offices can make inquiries to help correct errors or file paperwork. If you are interested in this type of assistance, you should email or call your elected official for more information. You can find email addresses and phone numbers for your U.S. Congressional representatives here.