Should You Consider a Birth Control Patch?

When choosing a method of birth control, most women want what is the most effective and convenient. Women who want “hormonal” birth control can choose a pill, patch, injection, or vaginal ring, yet not all of these options have equal risks. In fact, the Patch, Ortho Evra, is now shown to put women at greater risks than birth control pills did by exposing women to high levels of estrogen. But, how does Ortho Evra work, and why is it more dangerous than other forms of birth control?

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Gastric Lap-Bands: What You Need to Know

Lap-Bands help many people lose weight rather dramatically – some lose 50-100 pounds in the first 6 months or year. Are Lap-Bands a lasting solution to obesity? Not necessarily. Are they safe? Often they aren’t.

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