Third-Hand Smoke

Third-hand smoke is the residue from cigarette smoke that stays on just about every surface exposed to that smoke. The smoke residue clings to hair and fabrics, including clothing, carpets, drapes, and furniture upholstery, and it can cause serious health problems.

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NCHR’s Comments on USPSTF Draft Research Plan: Interventions for Tobacco Cessation in Adults, Including Pregnant Women

USPSTF, April 11, 2018, We strongly support the efforts of the USPSTF to draft a research plan to identify benefits and harms of tobacco cessation interventions in broad populations, including pregnant women. We encourage the USPSTF to consider: 1. the necessary evidence to establish the short-term and long-term benefits of tobacco cessation on an individual and population level 2. potential fetal outcomes, including developmental and birth-related outcomes. 3. the harms associated with electronic nicotine delivery systems, as these products have been touted as safer alternatives that may also serve as quit aids.

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