Community Forum Discussion of Dangerous Playgrounds, Washington, DC, July 29, 2019

Recent reports have shown dangerously high lead levels on DC-area playgrounds made from synthetic materials, such as shredded tires. These playground can be dangerously hot, dangerously hard, and made with no fewer than 13 carcinogens. And recent testing shows high levels of lead at several local playgrounds, including Takoma, Truesdell, and Janney.

Join us for a panel discussion and Q & A on Monday, July 29 at 7 pm with Dr. Alexander Wooten from Morgan State University, Dr. Diana Zuckerman from the National Center for Health Research, and Dr. Jeff Gearhart from the Ecology Center. Details and registration here.

This forum promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion of importance to all parents, grandparents, policy makers, and people who care about our environment.

In addition to a broad overview, the panel will answer specific questions regarding the Ecology Center’s recent findings of high lead on the playgrounds at Takoma, Truesdell, and Janney.

Here is an open letter to the DC government on synthetic turf and poured in place playgrounds.

Here is background information on lead on playgrounds in DC.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday evening!