Actress Elisabeth Rohm Joins the Fight Against Cancer

Elisabeth Rohm filming
Elisabeth Rohm during the filming of our public service announcement.

It can be easy to forget that actors and actresses are real people with hopes and concerns just like ours. They seem to live in a totally different world on a totally different planet – planet Hollywood to be exact. But they are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters – and they all care about their health and the health of their friends and loved ones.

We were thrilled when Elisabeth Rohm enthusiastically agreed to film a public service announcement for the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund. She is particularly interested in our unique work to prevent cancer and keeping cancer-causing chemicals out of children’s products as well as our food, homes, and neighborhoods. As a devoted mother, she shares our concerns that her daughter might be exposed to these chemicals on playgrounds and in toys, soda cans, and even pizza! She has been so excited to be involved and donate her time to our cause, and we are so excited to have her! While she is a dedicated mother and down-to-earth human being, she is also in a unique position as a TV and film actress. She’s been in TV shows such as Law and Order, Hawaii Five-O, and The Last Ship, and in many films, including starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle and Joy. To see her using that kind of fame and recognition for a good cause is truly inspiring.

Elisabeth Rohm on red carpet
Elisabeth Rohm on the red carpet for American Hustle with Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams.

We wrapped up the filming of our video on November 1st, and we are currently in post-production (as they say in Hollywood). We look forward to sharing it with you soon and letting you hear from Elisabeth herself about why she is supporting the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund.

Elisabeth Rohm with filmmaker and producer
Elisabeth Rohm with friend and filmmaker Gigi Gaston (right) and producer Anastasia Roussel (left) at the filming of our video.