Patient Advocacy Workshops

Researchers in government and medical schools are listening to patients’ perspectives on the risks and benefits of treatments. They need to hear from patients like YOU! We are offering a free workshop for patients and family members who want to be patient advocates. We will train you to:

  • understand research that evaluates the safety and effectiveness of treatments and prevention strategies

  • find opportunities to share your perspective in ways that will most benefit patients.

 Our goal is to support patient advocates to help patients on a national level. Our workshops are designed to help you get the information, skills, and confidence you need to influence the development and evaluation of treatments used by patients across the country.

You might be surprised to learn that many studies of new treatments measure changes that do not necessarily improve patients’ health or quality of life. For example, it is easier to study whether a cancer drug shrinks tumors than to study whether that same drug helps a patient live longer or feel better. Some patients may take a chance on a drug that is not proven to help them live longer because they have no other options. Others only want to try a new drug if it is likely to help them live longer or have fewer side effects. These perspectives are important to researchers and doctors, and we will help patients acquire the expertise they will need to share their views effectively.

We have held 3 very successful workshops and are offering one more. Don’t miss your last opportunity to participate! Our final workshop will be in Washington, D.C., on Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3, 2017. The 2-day workshop will be free, including meals. In addition, hotel rooms and travel scholarships to DC are available for those who live at least 40 miles away.

We encourage you to apply! We are particularly interested in adults who have patient advocacy experience – either as an individual or with a nonprofit organization or government agency.

If you are interested, please complete our application as soon as possible. Also, share this with other patients who are well enough to advocate for themselves and others.

PDF Flyer  |  Application

Find out more about this year’s Patient Advocacy Workshop HERE.

Patient advocate Diana Levine discusses her experience with a serious adverse reaction at the June 12 Workshop
Patient advocate Diana Levine discusses her experiences, at the June 12, 2014 Workshop